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Here are the latest pictures of my layout


This is one of the buildings at D.C. Trueman Lumber.  I created the sign using Avery address labels in Printmaster 16.  I'm hoping they are sticky enough.


Another angle of D.C. Trueman Lumber.


A close up of one of the D.C. Trueman Lumber buildings.


Another D.C. Trueman Lumber building


This is the Michelin Plant in Granton.  The track with the trackmobile is the track I installed yesterday to add a switching challenge and represent the wye at the plant.  The Irving tanks are also new.  I purchased a Shell oil refinery at the OVAR flea market and split up the components and changed the labels to Irving.


Here is another view of the Michelin plant with the section Eric and I ballasted.  A number of industrial buildings need to go in here.   The tunnel at the left goes through the wall to Scott Paper at Abercrombie.


I added another building to Tibbett's Paints.  The yellow brick is the colour of the actually plant.  Eventually the grey building will be painted that colour.


These are a couple more tanks from the purchased oil refinery that are at Pictou Landing to re-fuel the ships docking here.
Some more of the refinery equipment; these ones are at Scott Paper representing the large chemical plant there.  The buildings to the right are temporary buildings until I have the industrial back ground buildings built.