New Glasgow and Pictou Landing Branch

January 3, 2011 Update


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Here are the latest pictures


The building and tanks on the left are built from the Walthers "Magic Pan Bakery" kit.  It was the most challenging kit so far and I am happy with the result.  The white building to the right of it and the red brick building were already at the plant


The building on the left is part of the "Magic Pan Bakery" kit and is a good size for an industrial building.  The other buildings and tanks were already on site.


Here is a view of the two new buildings on the left with the others.  I think they will work well here.


This is the background building "Armstrong Motors" which fits well into the back track at the Michelin Plant.  The brickwork to the left of the picture is the tunnel through the wall to Scott Paper.


Another angle of the same building


This is an overview of the whole Michelin Plant area


A slightly different angle of the new tanks and elevator with the mainline going through to Scott Paper


A trackside view of two of the new buildings