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 July 2007 Update


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Here are the latest pictures 


Here some of our original planning trying to make room for a ship on the left and a ferry in the middle.  Some of Fergy's pictures are in the back to help us recreate the scene.  Notice that this section is 1 inch lower.  1 inch styrofoam will be placed on the board that will be the bottom of the harbour.


Here is the 2 inch foam on top of the 1 inch foam cut out for the piers at Pictou Landing. We are looking at the ferry slip and will build a ramp here.  The road will go behind the station and a single track on the right.  Two freight tracks will be on the left for loading and unloading onto the ship.


This is another look at Pictou Landing.  There is sufficient space for a large ship appropriate for 1978 shipping.  Water will cover the wall brackets on the left.


Here is the Pictou Landing Station in it's correct location.  I will eventually build one that is more a accurate representation of the station on the pier.   In the meantime this common Atlas kit will work fine.

Here is a look at the bench work coming into Pictou Landing.  It is just under 18ft from the tunnel through the wall to end of the freight pier


Here is where I am storing my RDC's for the moment.  This is the track to Phase 3 which will be going to Truro


Another view of the track to phase 3


These are how I will be able to switch the upper staging tracks from Stellarton.  Wire with some beads from the dollar store glued on with c.a.