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Here are the latest pictures of the Phase 3 construction that will hold D.C. Trueman Lumber, substantial staging representing Truro and Sydney and a single storage track / staging representing the Newfoundland Ferry.


Here is the first part of the bench work in phase three.   This area will be D.C. Trueman Lumber and will be accessed from the Truro track.   I only painted to below the benchwork to make finding studs easier.  The pipe to the right is now coming from below.


This is the connection between phase 1 and 3.   The track in the back will be the line to Truro the pink foam on the left will hold the track to Sydney.  Sydney will be 2 inches higher than Truro in staging.


This is the first section of staging that Matt Kydd helped me build


Here is a view of all the staging benchwork.  It is a hard angle to get a picture of.


This is the benchwork that Robert Peck helped me build that connects to the staging over the sink and water softener.  The next day my plumber came by and re-arranged the piping so that it is all in one corner and comes up from below.


This a view of the connection to phase 1. 


Here it is with the foam painted, the fascia on and painted and the risers for the Sydney track put in place to give a sense of how it will look.  The risers are not bent or glued yet.  The Truro section will come underneath the risers and be at the same level as the black.


Another shot to show the connection from phase 1 to phase 3. 
In the foreground is the benchwork over the sink and plumbing.  The back ground is staging.  Sydney is 2 inches higher than Truro.  There should be enough room for and 18 car train with 1978 era rolling stock.


The end of the staging yard.


This is the view from staging across the plumbing / sink.  Notice that the water softener comes through the benchwork.  A building or other removable scenery will cover this.


Here is a view of all the plumbing changes to allow for the benchwork to go in with all the piping in the corner or below.


A closer view of the benchwork across the sink.  Note that behind the white risers will be a storage track representing staging for the NFLD ferry.  I