Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway (CN & CP in1968)

March 31, 2010 Update


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Here are the latest pictures of my layout


This is Abercrombie where the Scott Paper Mill is.  The DPM buildings in the background are stand ins until I get some more industrial buildings built.


Another angle of the Scott Paper Mill with pulpwood cars in the front.


A similar view to the first one of the tracks at Scott Paper.


Looking out through the tunnel from Abercrombie (Scott Paper) to the main train room and Granton.


Abercrombie (Scott Paper) from another angle.


Here is a view of the Michelin plant  ballasted.  A number of industrial buildings need to go in here.   The tunnel at the left goes through the wall to Scott Paper at Abercrombie.


Another angle of the Michelin Plant at Granton.


Yet another angle of the Michelin Plant at Granton.


And one more angle of the Michelin Plant at Granton.