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Here are the latest pictures of the Phase 3 construction with the addition of the risers, cork and track.


This is the connection between phase 1 and phase 3.  The upper level is the track from the former staging (now Port Hawkesbury) to the new staging for Sydney and the Newfoundland Ferry.  The track to Truro staging comes underneath the risers on the benchwork.  In front of it will be D.C. Trueman Lumber - track plan for that has not been worked out yet.


This is a little further along.  To the far right is the track representing the Newfoundland Ferry.  On the main level on the left is the spur to D.C. Truman Lumber.  The spur on the right off of the main line into Truro is for a yet to be determined industry.


This is looking the other way now going into staging with the upper level being Sydney and the lower level Truro.  The track in Sydney to the far right may represent Devco if I can place an appropriate coal loading building in the corner.


Here is a view of the end of the staging area.  Two Rapido passenger cars at the far end of Sydney were used to test the track work.   The track on the right in Truro will be the Station track.


This view is looking back from the end of staging.


A close up view of the end of staging


This is looking at the ladder coming out of Truro to the main line


Another angle - showing the track to the far right representing the Newfoundland Ferry.  The track to the far left is the temporary Spur for D.C. Truman Lumber until a track plan is devised.