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The  bench work went up in just over 6 hours using steel studs and C channel and 200 framing screws.  This was inspired by a Model Railroader article last May and some recommendations from a friend of Robert's in Nova Scotia.    It is rock solid and left behind no sawdust or glue stains, and a whole lot of time.  The only portion left to build is a lift-out.  The only tools we used were a drill, tin snips, level, square, stud finder and a hammer.

This is a view of the main 14'X8' section.  The open section in the middle was originally a hinged section, but was removed as the duck under was high enough to allow easy access.  The sections were built with 8' and 10' steel studs with "C" channel every 2 feet.


These is a view of the legs we built to support the long 14' section that is not along a wall.  These were built out of "C" channel


This is another view of the main section with the 5'X3' section visible on the left


This one of four wall brackets that we built out of "C" channel